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Every organization and business is different. But all companies, large or small, locally or internationally active, profit or loss making: all should take into account VAT. VAT is a tax imposed on transactions. With every purchase and sale it must be determined whether and which VAT consequences this activity may have. Suppliers calculate VAT, and you want to reclaim this VAT. And with every supply of a service or a good you need to determine whether and how much tax should be calculated.

The management and mapping of processes in the field of indirect taxation (VAT, customs and excise duties), explaining and implementing and applying the rules, and finally filing a proper Return can sometimes be very complicated. The solution? Click on the options below and see where I can help you.

In-house VAT Training

VAT is included in all processes of a business. A standard VAT training is often one-sided and does not include the necessary topics and details that are important for all these processes.

A specific in-house VAT training ensures that the right people are trained at the right level, so that the whole organization eventually can deal with its VAT obligations much more efficiently.

VAT Interim Management

Even companies that have a dedicated in-house VAT specialist, practical VAT issues and questions may be difficult to cope with due to time-restraints, lack of knowledge or because of special projects.

A (temporary) expansion of your tax or finance department with a pragmatic, knowledgeable and experienced VAT specialist is the ideal solution for that.

Indirect Tax Advice

Companies are changing continuously. VAT rules as well. The difficulty is to translate the VAT rules into your business processes in a clear and simple way. 

With almost 20 years experience as indirect tax advisor and as 'in-house' indirect tax manager with global responsibility for indirect taxes in large multinational companies, I can assist you with all you VAT, customs and excise related questions, efficiently and effectively.

Member of the NOB – Dutch Association of Tax Advisers

Bas de Koning VAT Consultancy - SimplyVAT.nl is a tax consultancy firm, recognized by and member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB). The NOB is an organisation that is accepts academically trained and experienced tax advisers. More information about the NOB can be found at http://www.nob.net/dutch-association-tax-advisers

Cooperation on national and international level

Answering questions relating to VAT and Duties often requires specific knowledge and experience. SimplyVAT.nl offers this knowledge and expertise. But also for other types of tax I can help you out.

Through years of experience with multinationals, working in larger tax departments and cooperating with international teams and advisers, I understand many of the tax issues that you may come across in your business, also if this concerns Corporate Tax, Transfer Pricing, or local taxes. And I have built up a large network of other in-house tax managers and specialists, advisers and authorities.

In many cases I can work together with the following specialists.


Interim tax management and consultancy - Your own in-house, temporary tax director or consultant. With all tax disciplines covered, lot's of practical (in-house) experience, flexible and efficient, and independent.


Specialised in reclaiming foreign VAT, within and outside the EU, but also much more. VAT registrations, and VAT compliance tools, with many countries covered.


Cooperating in VAT projects, but also the possibility to act as fiscal representative in the Netherlands.


Specialised in Tax Accounting, Corporate Income Tax Compliance, and general Corporate Tax related questions.


My main contact for local taxes within the Netherlands.

For international VAT and Duty questions, I’m using my own experience and knowledge, various databases and other resources as a basis. But I also use my extensive network of in-house tax managers and specialists, and local (independent and big 4) advisers. I’m also active in various tax technical networking groups, such as the European VAT Managers Meetings.

From experience I know that you may sometimes want to exchange ideas and practical questions with peers, who are of have been in the same or similar situations as you. I can put you in contact with other companies and specialists to discuss these situations with you informally, over a cup of coffee, a phone call or a meeting.