In-house VAT Training

VAT is embedded in all different processes of a company. The settings and options in the ERP system must be properly and adequately available, contracts and terms with customers and suppliers should be clear, the supplies of goods and services should be well documented, invoices properly recorded and eventually all of this information must be reported correctly in a VAT Return.

A standard VAT course is often one-sided and contains parts that are not all equally important to all these different processes. A dedicated in-house VAT training ensures that the right people are trained on the correct points, so that the entire organization ultimately is much more effective in meeting its VAT obligations.

During the VAT training not only the basic VAT rules are discussed. The courses are tailored to the target audience. So the emphasis for the Accounts Payable department will be different than training for your sales people, though there are obviously overlapping parts. The strength of this specific in-house training is that the specific processes, examples, systems and problems for your business will be discussed and explored. The participants will recognize the examples and they get specific tools that they can use in their daily work.

A typical VAT training takes at least half a day, but also the development of a(n online) training program, specific training sessions or workshops for multiple groups, or a short update of a couple of hours are possible.

Interested? Please send an email to: and I will contact you as soon aspossible to discuss your questions and the possibilities.