Indirect Tax Advice (VAT and Duties)

Companies are continually changing. And VAT rules are changing as well. Value Added Tax is embedded in all parts of the business, and it can be challenging to get the VAT 'right'. The difficulty is often to translate the VAT rules clearly and simply and to ensure that the advice is not put away in a drawer in your office, but can actually be used and communicated throughout your organization.

"Been there, done that."

There are not many indirect tax advisors that can say that. With almost 20 years' experience as an indirect tax advisor and as in-house indirect tax manager with worldwide responsibility for all indirect taxes in several multinational companies, I can advise you quickly and professionally with regards to VAT, customs duties and excise duties. Because of the practical experience, I am able to provide you with the advice that your business really needs, and which can be used immediately.

The main areas of expertise include international transactions, supply chain restructuring and implementations and changes in ERP systems. But also for day-to-day questions about VAT, customs or excise duties, a fast and pragmatic answer available.

The key advantages:

  • Independent - No conflict of interest with accountants or lawyers
  • Specialized - Only VAT, customs duties and excise duties
  • Personal - Direct contact with the specialist, no change of advisers or junior level tax advisors
  • Quality - Not only technically correct, but also practically useful and efficient
  • Simple - The website's name says it all: no long memos with various options and technical terms, but advice that you understand and can further explain and elaborate in your organization

And an added bonus is that you will find that the hourly rates are reasonable.

Interested? Please send an email to: and I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your questions and the possibilities.

New: Consultancy Subscription – Pay As You Go

Nothing is more annoying than to receive an unexpected bill. Or to request additional budget for a second opinion. You want to receive a quick answer to your question, without having to go through a new contract or engagement letter or fee quote.

Therefore, it is now possible to obtain a consultancy subscription from We agree once on a fixed rate for a fixed number of consultancy hours, and you can use those hours the way you want and when you want. When you call, you get your answers straight away, without additional administrative hassle.

No payroll costs, no education costs, no staff that is not available because of vacation or sick leave. Only high value VAT consultancy at a reduced rate.

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High value VAT Advice at a reduced rate!

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Focus on process

VAT is embedded in your business. Which means that a good VAT specialist has its tentacles in all parts of the business in order to ensure that the business complies with the VAT rules and spots any gaps and opportunities.

Often I make the remark that Corporate Income Tax is simple: just some jiggling with numbers at year-end, and if the taxable profits are nil, the tax advisor has done a good job.

Whereas VAT... well, that's a different story. VAT is levied on every transaction, and a good tax advisor will understand that the relevant information, documentation and reporting for all these transactions is not (all) found at the finance department of a company. Finance is only part of the source. Logistics, Supply Chain, Commerce, IT and many other parts of the business make decisions that may have an impact on the VAT position of your company every day.

VAT Process -

The VAT Return may be regarded the end-result for the company, but it is also the starting point for the tax authorities to ask questions or start an audit. This picture shows that all parts of a company add something to the VAT Return. And therefore it is important that all these parts are 'VAT proof'.

The 3 main pillars that your company should have to ensure that you are VAT proof are:

  1. VAT Control Framework - Describing the processes and controls in all parts of your business that may have a VAT impact;
  2. ERP system check/review - The basis of the key data that is used in your company to make a correct VAT decision; and
  3. In-house VAT knowledge - Even with good processes and ERP system, the company must be able to react to and interpret change in the VAT rules as well as in the business and organisation.

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