VAT Interim Management

Even if a company has a dedicated VAT specialist (and many companies still don't have that), it can be time-consuming to get a good overview of all relevant processes for VAT. And to ensure that the VAT rules are known and applied correctly. You may not have enough time, miss specific knowledge, or need temporary assistance with a special project.

As VAT Interim Manager on a temporary or permanent (part-time) basis you will have an experienced VAT specialist on your own premises, to help you identifying, mapping and streamlining any VAT processes and issues in your company. is ideal for:

  • Temporary replacement during illness, maternity leave or sabbatical;
  • Specialistic knowledge and experience for a specific project or assignment;
  • Mapping of internal processes via a temporary in-house specialist;
  • Assistence during busy periods, a reorganisation or implementation; and
  • Training and education of your personel on the basis of your own internal processes and organisation.
Working in your offices and thus being available continuously, ensures efficient communication, collecting and processing of information, and direct translation to your business processes. And it is also less costly, compared to an external adviser. The advantage of a good interim professional is that he can take up the in-house role and get into the field, instead of being only available on the side-line. And the information and experience gained during the process remains within the organisation.

I have experience on both sides: as adviser in a Big 4 firm, and as in-house indirect tax director for various multinationals. I know how to operate in a multinational business environment, how to deal with external advisers, but also how to best communicate with the authorities. Specifically I have experience with mapping and streamlining of VAT processes, a VAT Health Check, assistance with the implementation or changes of your ERP system, transferring activities to a Financial Shared Services Centre, or the establishment or fine-tuning of a Tax Control Framework.

Examples of assignments include the coordinate and testing of the implementation of VAT processes in SAP, the design and roll-out of an Indirect Tax Control Framework and the set-up/preparation of a VAT function in a tax department.

Tasks may also include assistance with the monthly (reporting) processes and policies, manage and coordinate the preparation and filing of VAT and Intrastat returns, advice and assistance with daily VAT matters, manage and coordinate VAT audits and liaise with external advisors and tax authorities, or identification of potential (cash flow) savings.

Interested? Please send an email to: and I will contact you as soon aspossible to discuss your questions and the possibilities.