About Bas de Koning

Bas de Koning (1973) has been involved in VAT and other Indirect Tax matters for almost 20 years. He started as indirect tax advisor with a Big 4 tax advisory firm in the Netherlands, and later became an in-house VAT expert and manager. As such, he has built up extensive experience with and knowledge of global indirect tax issues in day-to-day practice within multinational companies.

One of his strengths is that he is very enthusiastic about all kinds of issues related to indirect taxes. And he can very well convey this enthusiasm in his advices and during training courses he gives.

His experience includes performing VAT reviews, 'translating' VAT rules into practical business processes and vice versa, developing indirect tax tools, managing day-to-day VAT and other indirect tax related issues, providing VAT trainings, discussing / negotiating VAT and other tax issues with tax authorities and tax advisors, as well as with in-house controllers and other departments, and developing indirect tax strategies.

In previous roles, Bas operated in an international Tax Department, where he was responsible for indirect taxes globally. This included defining and communicating indirect tax policies and strategies, as well as being actively involved in lobbying at national and international level.

Bas started with SimplyVAT.nl in 2015, as independent / freelance VAT specialist. He is available as interim specialist/tax director, VAT and Duty consultant and as trainer and speaker for events and conferences.

Besides keeping busy with and being enthusiastic about indirect tax stuff, he started playing guitar not too long ago, a feat which he hasn't mastered by far, but nevertheless further enhances his creativity... ;-)

He can also be found on his mountain bike in the dunes of North-Holland every week, and he tries to whiz down at least once a year on skis from a wintry slope.

Please contact me via info@simplyvat.nl for more information, a detailed CV and references.